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Place Name : off Tralee Bay

Lat / Long : 0 ° 0 ' 0 '' - - 0 ° 0' 0'' - System used to obtain Long / Lat : unknown
OS Grid Ref - Square : 0 8 Figure : 0
Type : Built :  
Shipyard :
Hull material :  
Size : 0 tonnes Length : m Beam : m
Sunk : Cause : Date Found :
  Shallowest Deepest
Top : 0 m 0 m
Deck :
0 m 0 m
Bed : 0 m 0 m
Orientation : unknown Lying : unknown Condition : Unknown
Seabed Type : Unknown
Artifacts :
Wreck Owner
Owner : -
Access : -
War Grave : Unknown Protected : Unknown
Restrictions : unknown
When to Dive Best time to dive the wreck, relative to high wate
0 - hours 0 - minutes - - high water
General Information :
Small Boat Launching :
Notes :

Top wreck! Dived it with Alchemy Divers out of Tralee Bay. 2 shot lines, one on stern and the other (I think) towards the bow on the startboard side (conger lives there). Silty in the 5 cargo holds but lots to find - gas masks, bikes, dartboards (!) glasses - everything! Well recommended.
- - Brian McAnulty (BSAC 0380, Hatfield University) (, 13 Feb 98
I found this one in May of 1966. Very impressive then Name Breda quite visible on stern, auxiliary helm still in place at stern. Holds full of general cargo. I gather it is now getting a bit broken up now.
- - David Leckie (, 8 Mar 98

I think that this is th4 best wreck that i have ever dived. The last time i dive it was on May 97. We got whiskey bottles, olive bottles and bottles of brown sause off it.Cant wait to dive on it in the future

- - Chris Mitty (, 2 Apr 98

I just love this wreck, I have found brass and bakelite razors, binoculars, wine bottles (wine tasted a bit ropey though), shaving kits, bank notes (Rupees), foot pumps and shoe polish (it stinks). If you have found anything else or have the ships manifesto please e-mail me.
- - Greg Whitehouse (, 13 Apr 98

If there is anybody who wants to know more about the history of the M.V. BREDA can contact me by E-Mail. I have a writen statemant from an eye whitness. Rikkert Rieksen
- - Rikkert Rieksen (, 19 Dec 98

Visit my website and please E-Mail me with any information you may have on the Breda. Our site is updated weekly. The site is at; andrewhobbs1
- - MAD Club (, 23 Apr 99

Have raised many items from this wreck in ardmaclush bay; razers, photoghraphic glassplates, brass pumps and much more; be sure to get the owners permission to dive the wreck. a fantastic dive for all!
- - Tony (, 29 May 99

We have dived the s.s. Breda once this year and twice last year with an expedition to survey the wreck over the course of a week in August 99. Our website with details and history on the Breda is at; Any queries please do not hesitate to contact us!
- - MAD Club (, 15 Jun 99

any info on local guides please
- - edley (zeiger@, 9 Dec 99

For many years after the Breda sank there were reports of a wild monkey running wild in the hills around ardnamucknish.It was reported that the ships company had onboard a pet monkey.Around the 1970s the remains of a monkey were found in the hills with a silver bracelet round it,s neck with the ships name SS.Breda.This story can be found in the Scots Magazine the story was printed around the late 70s early/mid 80s
- - Pat Gallacher (, 11 Sep 2001

Is the Ships Bell still on the wreck? If so any location where it is.
- - Deano (, 22 Dec 2001

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Supplementary Imformation
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Posted on : May 27, 2007
my grandfather,Johannis Fooy was the captain of the Breda. I am going to Oban in 3 weeks time with my daughters to visit the wreck and have family photos etc. to give to the museum if they want them. I would very much like to contact Rikkert Rieksen and Andrew Hobbs who both say they have information about the history of the Breda but have been unable to find either of their email sites. If anyone who reads this can help me I would be very grateful.My email address is

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