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Carlisle Castle

Place Name : Sussex

Lat / Long : 50 ° 42 ' 28 '' North - 0 ° 39' 10'' East System used to obtain Long / Lat : Approximate
OS Grid Ref - Square : 0 8 Figure : 0
Type : merchantman Built :  
Shipyard :
Hull material : steel  
Size : 5000 tonnes Length : m Beam : m
Sunk : 1918 Cause : torpedoed by UB57 Date Found :
  Shallowest Deepest
Top : 23 m 0 m
Deck :
0 m 0 m
Bed : 37 m 0 m
Orientation : SW Lying : Inverted Condition : Some breakup
Seabed Type : Unknown
Artifacts : Howitzer shells, masses of munitions
Wreck Owner
Owner : Hull & Fittings belong to Barrow Haven Marine
Access : Public
War Grave : Unknown Protected : Unknown
Restrictions : Caution - munitions
When to Dive Best time to dive the wreck, relative to high wate
0 - hours 0 - minutes - - high water
General Information :
Small Boat Launching :
Notes :

Torpedoed while jam packed with munitions .Lies upside down and broken . Howitzer anti personnel shells etc in abundance . A relative of mine bought the wreck with a view to salvage of the shell cases which were fetching a good price 20 or so years ago . He had his boat chained amidships and could work alternate holds on corresponding tides .Using a grab "samples" were taken which were coming up still packed and in perfect condition . Aparently the shells came apart easily and the powder could be burnt off over a brazier - sounds bloody dangerous to me !. The antipersonnel shells are full of lead shot!. I don't know how much of the fittings were taken - prop/condensor etc - but only a few shell cases were removed by prior agreement with the authorities . Problems with regulations etc stopped the salvage of more . Any info on the wreck as is would be interesting .

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Supplementary Imformation
Added by:
Allan H
Posted on : July 30, 2015
I have read with interest the information given here about the Carlisle Castle ex Holty!

What I know is that the wreck talked about here is NOT the Carlisle Castle!

I beleve I was the first person to dive her in 1978/79 and her bell was under her winch and was left on the wreck (hiden)

The Carlisle Castle is sitting upright and in fantastic condition at that time!

She was careing munitions and grain!

I presume the grain was in number 1 & 2 holds as they were both empty and there was just sand/mud and bits of wreckage on the deck of the holds!

Number 3 & 4 holds were stacked up with weeden packing boxes, each one had two sheles in them and were stacked just as they had been loaded!

Tween decks (under the walk way each side of the ship) was stacked up with brass shell cases about 4 feet long, a few were recovered and one is in Newhaven museam !

The propelar was steel and it was not worth openi g up her boiler room for the condencer or pipe!

At that time I worked for Spithead marine salvage out of Newhaven and did many servays on wrecks in the chanel!

I have always rememberd this wreck because when I found her she was in presteen condition and the water was gin clear,

Added by:
Michael Pocock
Posted on : August 18, 2007
Built in 1913 as Holtye for F. S. Holland & Co.
Built by Northumberland Shipbuilding Co.
Bought by Union-Castle Line in 1915 and renamed.
Sunk Feb. 14, 1918

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