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Vobster Quay prides is one of the premier inland diving centres in the UK. Whether you're a recently certified diver taking your first tentative fin kicks in the world of diving or your a hardened technical diver, Vobster Quay has something to offer. With 36-acres of fresh water diving in depths ranging from 6m to 36m, divers of all levels can enjoy the mix of exciting underwater attractions and a full range of diving support services.

Vobster Quay welcomes all certified divers regardless of their training background. Providing you hold a valid certification gained through a recognised training agency - be it PADI, BSAC, SSI, GUE. All that Vobster asks is that you have a dive buddy, you dive within the limits of your training.

Like any diving centre, Vobster Quay is at its busiest during the weekends. Unlike some others, however, they have got more than enough parking capacity and shear volume of water to cope with even the busiest of periods!


Vobster Quay offers a range of depths to suit divers of all experience and training levels. For the recently certified, they offer a large area of the lake that is just 12m deep. More experienced divers can explore the deeper 20m+ regions of the lake, whilst the technical divers can go to a small area of the lake that descends down to a maximum depth of 36m.

The water temperature at Vobster Quay varies dramatically depending upon the time of the year and how deep you go. Whilst deeper areas of the lake can be as cold as 4 degrees centigrade in the middle of winter, other areas can be as warm as 18 degrees during the height of summer!

Being naturally spring fed helps to keep the water clean and pure but it does keep the water temperature low in deeper parts of the quarry. Depending upon the time of the year, the temperature can be as low as 4 degrees. Even during the summer months, Vobster would recommend that ALL divers use suitable thermal insulation - including a neoprene hood and gloves - for dives deeper than 16m.

For shallower areas, the water temperature varies greatly throughout the season. In the winter months, the water temperature drops to around 8 degrees but can rise to a maximum of 18 degrees during the summer. Although it is possible to dive these areas without a hood in gloves, Vobster still recommend their use.

Visibility at Vobster Quay can range from spectacularly good to virtually zero depending upon a number of factors. One constant factor is the water temperature - visit Vobster in the winter and the early months of spring when the water temperature is lower and visibility can be up to 20 metres in places! In the summer months, however, algae growth in the warmer water can reduce visibility down to just a few metres!

By far the biggest factor that controls visibility at Vobster Quay, however, is the divers themselves. Most of the lake bottom is covered in a thin blanket of silt, which can reduce visibility in the immediate area to virtually zero if kicked up. Although it settles quite quickly, Divers are recommended to take steps to reduce the amount of silt they stir up - if using a conventional 'flutter' kick, for example, try not to get too close to the quarry bottom. Better still, use one of several anti-silting finning techniques such as a frog kick.

Visibility is almost always at its worse on a Sunday due to the shear number of divers in the water. Also, visibility tends to be reduced around the more popular attractions - once again, due to the shear volume of divers that visit those areas. If you wish to enjoy good visibility, we recommend you visit Vobster Quay mid-week and dive in the more remote areas of the lake - on the opposite bank, for example, visibility of up to 20m isn't unheard of!

Vobster Quay is situated in the heart of the Somerset countryside approximately 5 miles from the market town of Frome and 4 miles from Radstock. With easy access from the M4 and M5.

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posted : December 27, 2020

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posted : July 07, 2006

dived vobster thur 6/7/06 really enjoyed it,well worth the trip down the m5

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posted : February 07, 2006

dived here the other day again and there is lots of fish in there now! Had a free flowing Reg on exit from the tunnel which was a bit of a worry. tried to stop it and it got worse, lost about 150bar in 2mins! Thank god for the Pony. Now have valves fitted to my Regs to shut them in the event of that happening again in cold water. Very good day the aircraft fuselage and centre section offer some good penetration.

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posted : December 18, 2005

just one more thing - the shaft there is awesome to go down, starts at 14M i think and spits you out at 23M its an old grinding works. quite a good feeling descending down there! But as mentioned previously try to get there early before the silt is kicked up and vis reduced. VERY cold at depth, i dont think id go below 20M without a drysuit.

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posted : December 18, 2005

i have been here several times, burger bar and air facilities on site. havent ever seen any fish! They have added them apparently. The plane wreck is quite good. Shop on site now also, believe it is 15 for the day now.

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posted : September 04, 2005

Ignore the temp written up on the board, unless you don't plan to dive deeper than 12-15m. We jumped in and dropped down to 18m - it was seriously cold down there. My newish 2-peice 7mm with aqua socks and thermals not enough at all. Didn't venture deeper than about 20m. Also very dark and murky. Some good stuff too - handy facilities, quite a few fish, would be brilliant for training.

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posted : July 06, 2005

look on vobsters website ,clearly states 14 from Jan this year.

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posted : July 04, 2005

I did two dives at Vobster on 3/7/05 for my dry suit qualification, my first experience of UK diving. Shop, airfills, snack van, toilets (inc. showers) all on site. Although quite basic, perfectly adequate. Great place for training and perhaps trying out new equipment. Nothing much else to tempt me back. NB We were charged 14 despite 12 advertised

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posted : January 10, 2005

Yeh, bit pricey, but local and easy to get to. Nice facilities, nice ducks!!!!! It's ok if you want a relaxing mid week dive, plop & go style. Also would apeal to cubs for training. I have used it a few times to learn how to use me new camera kit, lots of ok foto ops'. It's worth a look guy's.

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posted : September 14, 2004

Dived Vobster about 8/9 times now. Have I seen any improvement? Sorry, No! The prices have gone up its now 12.50 for the day from 10.00., seems a bit excesive. Still no fish, (except the odd gold fish, still no helicoptor. On the I beleive the Vis may be getting better. The 1st time I dived it I could barley see the block house at 10M. Had my fist real look at it this last time. If you want to look at the wreck get in there early before the silt is kicked up. Still a good site for training though.

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