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posted : September 19, 2005 Post subject: Diving Watches
I am buying an analogue Diving Watch.I have been looking at luminox and h3 watches on and i am currently deciding which model to get.

I really like the look of the h3 pro diver watch and the Luminox Carbon Fibre Navy Seal 3100 Dive Series and i am going to make my decision shortly.

I have been told it is best to have 2 watches on a dive and a good combination is an anologue watch and a dive computer. Are the Suunto computers the best? Which model should i get as a relative beginner? Am i ok with just one watch?

Traser-H3 Diving Watches
posted : January 4, 2007 Post subject: Diving Watches
If you have not bought your watch yet, can I suggest the traser-h3 pro diver model.

I can offer you the best deal on the web, so try me.

William Lamb
Traser Watches

posted : January 5, 2007 Post subject: Diving Watches
I have owned and dived with a Citizen dive watch now for 3 years. What I like about the Citizen is that it records and shows information such as depth, dive time, temp etc, very much like the info displayed on a dive computer. So it makes an excellent companion to a dive computer during the dive. So if your computer fails, the watch will act as a backup not forgetting that you will have a console on your high pressure hose anyway. I am also into tech diving and the watch performs without fuss even down at 60m's.

Personally I do not know much about the other watches such as the H3 but I am aware that they do not have as many functions as the Citizen, although I have this funny feeling that I am about to be told something different!!!!


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