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dan bailey
posted : August 30, 2005 Post subject: mexico's oaxaca coast: is it good?
Off to Mexico's Oaxaca coast soon. But know nothing about it. Can anyone please help??

My wife would like to do her PADI open water while there. We're looking for a reliable PADI operator that teaches in English. But I'm afraid we're more picky than that, and our demands don't end there: we'd like to base ourselves in a nice small town or village (no big concrete tourist resorts, nor oil ports), with lovely unpolluted beaches, good countryside and of course plenty of interesting dive sites (stuff for beginners is obviously fine for her indoors, and to be honest when it comes to scuba I'm pretty rusty myself so I'm not looking for adventures but just some leisurely fun, plentiful coral, teeming marine life etc). The Bahias de Huatulco looks too developed and expensive for us (we like beach cabins, not golf courses). I'm thinking along the lines of Puerto Angel...or does anyone know of a dive outfit in Mazunte or San Augustinillo, as they both look pretty suited to our above-water needs..?

I guess my main question, never having been to Mexico, is: how good is the diving on the Oaxaca coast? Is it good enough that we won't be disappointed that we didn't travel an extra day overland to get to the Carribbean (Cozumel etc)? It would seem a shame to go all the way to Mexico and then end up diving in a not-so-good location!

All tips and advice gratefully received



posted : October 1, 2005 Post subject: mexico's oaxaca coast: is it good?
Hi Dan,
Before I start I will say that when I visited that part of Mexico it was 5 years ago and I did not dive! Having said that I do know the area you are referring to and lived near Cozumel for 11 months of last year as an Instructor.
My opinion of that side of Mexico was that there wasnt much in the way of diving, but that was then. The pacific coast especially around Puerto Angel is geat for surfing which usually means it is not great for diving, especially for a beginner. What I can tell you is that Cozumel is gorgeous and very well organised, although the island itself is beseiged by American Cruise Liners every day. the diving is great though, all drift dives.
Are you stuck on diving in Mexico? I can recommend the island I live on at the moment. Its called Utila and is part of the Bay Islands of honduras. The diving here is great and cheap. Two tanks on Cozumel will cost you about $70 us dolas, here it is $40. The open water courses are $209 here, alot more in Mexico, and the island is lovely and generally very cheap to live on ($15 dollars a night per room).
I hope this helps

posted : October 1, 2006 Post subject: mexico's oaxaca coast: is it good?

Simon - just curious about Honduras... myself and a mate (qualified DM) are looking for somewhere interesting to go and just dive for 10 days or so. Somewhere off the beaten track would be nice - hence my interest in your suggestion.

What's the actual Diving like in Honduras - do you see any big stuff? good corals? What's the best route to Honduras from the UK and any idea how much in Jan Feb?

many thanks,

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