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posted : September 10, 2015 Post subject: Looking for a drysuit
Heya I am a typical new diver and I am looking for my first dry suit. BUT just coming out of Uni I dont have a lot of money and I am also dubious about how much I will use it. Therefore looking to spend no more then 200 quid or do you guys recommend I just go for hire or a semi dry. I know Otter and O Three are the best ones but I don\'t think I will ever be able to afford them. I am 5\'7 size 6 boot and a size 12. Cheers

posted : September 14, 2015 Post subject: Looking for a drysuit

posted : November 1, 2015 Post subject: Looking for a drysuit
Hi Sara if you can buy your own that is always better, there are always people selling drysuits have a look on ebay and FB, i got a 2000 DUI drysuit for 400 and it only had 50 dives done in it

posted : November 29, 2015 Post subject: Looking for a drysuit
eBay and Guntree are good places. But be careful as you do get the odd few that need repairs beyond seal changes!! Also speak to local dive clubs as they often sell their old ones with the added assurance of being well maintained.

If you find yourself with some extra cash, I'd recommend Sea Skin drysuits, they're made to measure and start at around 500 for either membrane or neoprene. I dive a membrane by them and love it, but as all things diving it's personal preference. Good luck and safe diving!

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