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posted : July 31, 2011 Post subject: New diver package

I have been diving on and off for around 3 years, with 12 dives under the (weight) belt.

I have decided it's time for me to get some proper gear, so essentially, I'm looking for an equipment package, comprising of reg, octo, gauges and BCD.

I have been looking around for a while now and have come up with some demands this gear needs to meet.

I need to be able to use the reg for both cold and warm water diving, I have been looking at the Apeks XTX50 as everyone says you can't go far wrong with Apeks kit.

The BCD must be able to hold enough weight for drysuit diving as well as being light enough to put in my suitcase and do 5mm shorty dives in Turkey. An integrated weight system would be preferable, but only if they can just use regular weights I can rent from the dive shop whilst on holiday.

As far as gauges go I will be using a computer, but I like a 3 gauge console just for the sake of redundancy, a 2+1 console is fine.

Above all this package can be no more than say £850

So in conclusion, I need some gear that can pretty much do anything from 5 mm shorty dives to full drysuit, from temperate dives to diving up at Scapa Flow.



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posted : August 3, 2011 Post subject: New diver package
Diving is one of my ultimate dreams but I donít know how to dive either. Can you give some information regarding with this? And what is the equipment that I have to buy if I wanted to learn diving lessons. They say there are a lot of equipments you needed to have. What is the best diving suits that I can have?

posted : August 7, 2011 Post subject: New diver package
You don't need anything to take up diving.

Any course will provide you with all the equipment.

Get yourself on a PADI Open Water Course (I'm not familiar with the BSAC courses, but I'm sure there's an equivalent).

Don't waste money on expensive kit until you've got the basics under your belt.


posted : August 7, 2011 Post subject: New diver package
I already have the PADI Advanced Open Water qualification, I did mention in my post I have a few dives under my belt.

posted : August 8, 2011 Post subject: New diver package
Sorry - Should've been clearer, my reply was to the other poster.


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