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BBC Researcher
posted : June 30, 2011 Post subject: HAVE YOU HAD THE BENDS?
Have you or someone you know had decompression sickness? If so the BBC would like to hear your story!

We are working on a new science documentary. Over two parts we will look at what happens to the human body in extreme environments. One programme will focus on our changing physiology at altitude, and the other will look at depth and how we have been able to find ways to survive underwater and explore the oceans. In each we will be tracking the physiological changes the body goes through in these extreme environments and will look at the technologies that can keep us alive as we go higher and deeper.

We are looking to interview someone who has had the bends about their experience and the affect that it had on their body. If you or someone you know has had decompression sickness then please get in touch with We are hoping to film in August 2011.

Thank you for your help!

justin norfolk
posted : July 1, 2011 Post subject: HAVE YOU HAD THE BENDS?
I am a scuba instructor and have been diving for 22 years. I have never been bent, but did dive for one week (2/3 dives daily) in Scapa Flow in2002. The thing is that I was diving in 4 degree water temperature in a WET suit, not a dry suit. I was with a large group on board 2 liveaboard ships MV Sharon Rose. I was the only diver in a wet suit (semi-dry, to be exact). After a few days I became so cold, I had to retreive certain body parts from abdominal cavity after each dive. The Hyperbaric centre ran a survey on me and my dive profiles, expecting me to get DCS. I did pass on the fianl 2 dives, as my core temperature was simply not returning to normal by day 7. Upon returning to London, I noticed literally 40-50 sharp points of pain across my body. I phoned the Hyperbaric centre in Scapa and they asked me a few questions and put me in touch with hospital in London. I went to Hospital, told them details of the diving. Underwent 2 hours of testing in regular intervals (Doppler bubble detection Eqpt). No Bends! Phew! Instead, my body had gone into "Vascular Shock" and the oints of pain were valves in my vascular system trying to resume there normal position. After several days, the pains dissipated and I was normal again.
I now dive in a dry suit in the UK.

BBC Researcher
posted : July 5, 2011 Post subject: HAVE YOU HAD THE BENDS?
Thank you for your post. Your story is not quite what we're looking for but interesting none the less!

posted : July 9, 2011 Post subject: HAVE YOU HAD THE BENDS?
There must be someone had decompression sickness, but never know anyone.

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