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posted : June 25, 2011 Post subject: Seychelles Dive safari QUESTION to all dive enthusiasts
Hi everyone. I have a question for all dive enthusiasts as I need your opinions on taking our Safari boat ‘Neptune Warrior’ from Mahe (Seychelles main Island) to Coetivy (Outer Coraline Islands of the Seychelles and indeed an untouched incredible diving site.).
Coëtivy Island is a small coral island in the Seychelles 290 km south of Mahe. Remote from the main centres of habitation and commercial development, the country’s outer islands have benefited even more, remaining almost unchanged for millennia. Protected from the pernicious influence of human interference for so long, the islands have become the breeding site of choice for many species of ocean going birds which travel thousands of miles across the seas, before journeying back to the islands to nest and raise the next generation of ocean wanderers. Safe from the ravages of commercial fishing, the islands’ reefs teem with life, a treat for divers and snorkellers who take the plunge overboard to venture into a world of rainbow coloured reef fish, huge curious turtles and sharks, patrolling the reef edge.

This is a first time and indeed a once in a lifetime experience to be amongst the first to dive around here (don’t believe me then look for photo’s on the net for anything relating to Coetivy. Im sure this will be very hard to find.)

We plan on taking the boat out here and keeping it as a floating hotel operating with a dive boat and two dingies if needed. For specs and pics on the boat, please visit

I would really love your opinions on this as I know the diving is mind blowing out here but need to know if you guys would invest your time on exploring something untouched and as new as this?

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