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posted : March 2, 2005 Post subject: Full Face Masks
Has anyone out there had any experiences with full face masks and communications... ocean reef and OTS equipment in particular.. your comments are very welcome

Pete Huntley
posted : March 5, 2005 Post subject: Full Face Masks
Hi, the only thing That I would say is try before you buy. I had an Ocean reef full face mask and just could not get on with the drawbacks although they do have advantages. if you would like a chat mail me back with a phone number and I will call you.

posted : March 5, 2005 Post subject: Full Face Masks
Thanks for the reply pete. my number is 07973221917

posted : April 13, 2005 Post subject: Full Face Masks
thanks for the information ...all noted. I have since purchased a mask. dived in Devon waters on several occasions with it. you are correct in tha need for a spare mask but i found the bail-out method very easy to master, even removing the spare mask and replacing the full face ...a little more challenging and unlikely to be needed. I found air consumption to be the same in fresh water but I use about 10bar more than normal in salt. I like the fact that you have a warm face, you can breath thru your nose and you dont get half a pound of cack on your cheek when you get out.
On the whole i would say I would only dive in native waters now with the full face ... as for the Red Sea.... back to basics of course!!

posted : April 22, 2005 Post subject: Full Face Masks
I have used many full fase masks but the best I found is the AGA/interspiro diveator Mk1 or2. Any good 1st stage can be used and the standard comms also work well. Mk1s can be set for demand or positive pressure & Mk2 is positive only as standard. I hope this helps. Gary

james Murgatroyd
posted : July 21, 2005 Post subject: Full Face Masks
Hi I have had some experience with the Neptune 2 from ocean reef I like it very much it offers grate visibility and the thing I like most about it is you have nothing in your mouth and you can breath through your Nose however I my be selling mine because I find the purge button sometimes gets stuck because of sand getting in-between it.

I have contacted the supplies of the mask and they say they have had no other complaints of this nature

Anyway all in all a grate mask some people question me to why I am using it in the begging I just fancied having a go with one but I now love it and wouldn’t dive with out it and would strongly recommend it to eny one

I my be selling mine though because of this miner problem I am having withit I am currently getting this fixed and when I am ready to sell I will notify you if you are interested.

So fare as communication goes I have not tried yet.

Hope this helps

If you have any more questions pleas reply to this message

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