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posted : March 2, 2005 Post subject: Equipment
Has anyone out there had any experiences with full face masks and communications... ocean reef and OTS equipment in particular.. your comments are very welcome

james Murgatroyd
posted : July 21, 2005 Post subject: Equipment
Hi I have had some experience with the Neptune 2 from ocean reef I like it very much it offers grate visibility and the thing I like most about it is you have nothing in your mouth and you can breath through your Nose however I my be selling mine because I find the purge button sometimes gets stuck because of sand getting in-between it.

I have contacted the supplies of the mask and they say they have had no other complaints of this nature

Anyway all in all a grate mask some people question me to why I am using it in the begging I just fancied having a go with one but I now love it and wouldn’t dive with out it and would strongly recommend it to eny one

I my be selling mine though because of this miner problem I am having withit I am currently getting this fixed and when I am ready to sell I will notify you if you are interested.

So fare as communication goes I have not tried yet.

Hope this helps

If you have any more questions pleas reply to this message

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