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Jerk Cousteau
posted : October 20, 2010 Post subject: Citizen Promaster
Hello Everyone,

I have a Citizen Promaster dive watch, which I bought new 3 years ago. This month the battery in my watch died, so I thought I would enquire with Citizen about the cost of replacing the battery, resealing and pressure testing the watch.

Well, this morning I received an email from Citizen explaining that they would be unable to carry out the work, as the parts required (I assume seals!) were no longer available.

This has annoyed me immensely! I have spent over 200 on a dive watch which is now effectively useless, its useful life having expired with the very first battery!

If I'm honest, I find this unacceptable. Surely it would be reasonable to expect the manufacturer to maintain a stock of seals for a watch for, say, 10 years after the watch model is replaced?

Does anyone know of a decent jeweller, who is likely to have seals for a Citizen Promaster chronograph? One thing's for sure - I won't be buying another watch from Citizen!

Any help gratefully received!

posted : October 23, 2010 Post subject: Citizen Promaster
hi jerk i recently had my battery changed and tested this was done via beaver brooks and cost me 40 mine was a citizen aqualand so may be worth you popping in beaver brooks and having a word

Jerk Cousteau
posted : October 25, 2010 Post subject: Citizen Promaster
Cheers Andy!

justin norfolk
posted : July 1, 2011 Post subject: Citizen Promaster
I have the same watch. Citizen replaced the battery and cleaned it for 75 last month.

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