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posted : April 2, 2010 Post subject: Disposable camera. Worth it?
Hi all,
Off to Phi Phi Islands in Thailand and don't have an underwater camera. Wondering if a disposable is going to cut it when taking underwater photos - what's peoples experiences with them?

Thanks in advance,

posted : May 12, 2010 Post subject: Disposable camera. Worth it?
If you have no other option, then a disposable is still worth taking as you will not be able to go very deep with it and therefore have petty good light. The kodak I used was good down to 12m and it gave me some respectable photies. A disposable is always good for the beach and general abuse also.
Better still, get an entry level camera fo about 300 and you won't be disappointed

Andrew Osman
posted : December 3, 2010 Post subject: Disposable camera. Worth it?
If you don't fancy buying a waterproof disposable camera, then try this - a housing for standard disposable cameras:

I've used one before and the pictures were OK - I found the viewfinder crosshairs above the housing to be really useful vs using a waterproof disposable and trying to look at fish through a traditional viewfinder.

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