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Penn Peel
posted : September 18, 2009 Post subject: older equipment
Hi, i am thinking to returning to diving, i learnt to dive in the eighties, and havn't done any since but always wanted to start again, i'm in a lot better position now, than i was to dive. I have a regulator and air cylinder that were new at the time but were hardly used, if they were serviced and checked over and the cylinder tested is it safe to use them again after all this time? Apreciate any advise any one could offer!

posted : September 24, 2009 Post subject: older equipment

Id say that the regulator may be ok, with a serious service and check, but is not going to perform as well as todays standards. On top of that, you may find, the service you need to make it useable costs more than a new set of Entry Level regulators.!! Id presonally go and buy a newer set secondhand to be honest.

As for the cylinder, as long as its been stored with a full tank of air in it, then it should pass test. If its been left empty, then dont even bother, as an X-Ray would be needed to check integrity as well as an Internal cert.

Cylinders are reguarly available to rent at most dive sites, or dive clubs if yours is no good.

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