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posted : July 31, 2009 Post subject: dive computer
hi was just wondering what every one thinks of buying a second hand computer and what should i look for when purchasing one new or old thanks

posted : August 3, 2009 Post subject: dive computer
Theres nothing wrong with buying a computer seconf hand, just be sure to the reasons why its being sold. Upgrading is the norm, but be careful with ebay and some damaged computers cheap! someone i know has bought a SUNNTO D6 with a dead battery for 200
Why is the battery dead? the watch is damaged and the water has leaked inside. Take care when buying.

Now after the caution,

First, lets decide what you want the computer for.

If you are going to use Nitrox, now or in the future, then its best to buy one that has EANx capability now.

Secondly, do you want a WRIST MOUNTED or a CONSOLE?
Do you need a very basic one, or a BELLS AND WHISTLES one?

I have bought a second hand OCEANIC VEO for 30 from someone in our club to keep as a backup, and infact i think its a perfect little computer. It doesnt have a backlight so you need a torch to illuminate it at night or in deep water, and the acsent alarm is visual only.

also, you need to find out if the battery is USER changeable. As with most equipment, id get it checked out at a dive specialist anyway, and change the battery likewise.

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