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posted : July 2, 2009 Post subject: twinset
Hi all I currently use a twinset (10s) and I am thinking of inverting them as I find it impossible to do gas shutdowns. Would like to know some ppls views on this as I was told because they are a none balanced cylinder i.e. Faber? It would mean they would become top heavy and ruin my trim? (Is this true) would I need to change to another set like euro cylinder???? Help

posted : July 21, 2009 Post subject: twinset
Keep trying the shutdowns. Unless you are properly disabled, or obese, or have some other specific reason for not being able to do them you should be able to manage. I am incredibly in-flexible but I manage.

I couldn't do them at first, couldn't even touch the handles with my finger tips, and started to consider other methods. Then I read the following and cracked it. Managed to touch the valves one time, then turn them the next and quite quickly it sorted itself out.

Tips I would suggest:
Start the dive by stretching out a bit (Superman pose) so that your drysuit isn't restricting you.

When you want to reach a valve stetch the arm out in-front of you, bicep against your ear, bend the arm at the elbow and reach back for the valve, keeping your bicep against your ear.
Arch your back a bit to bring the valve closer to your hand. Before I was doing the oppostite, bending forward trying to throw the tanks up my back, which moved the valves away from my hands and made it impossible.

Use your other hand to push and angle the tanks a bit, pushing the valve closer towards your reaching hand.

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