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posted : June 3, 2009 Post subject: Best Mask for Photography?
Hi there,

I was wandering whether anyone could recommend a top quality task for underwater photography/videography.

I am buying it for my son who is about to leave for 12 month's of work as an underwater photographer/videographer in Honduras.

Unfortunately I know very little about scuba diving. A friend of mine suggested the 'Atomic Aquatics Frameless Mask' (in black so it stops any glare from entering the side of the mask).

Any thoughts or info on this subject would be greatly appreciated.


eD :)

posted : June 4, 2009 Post subject: Best Mask for Photography?
The same rule applies here as for anyone buying a mask, make sure it FITS, he really needs to try before you buy, just because a mask costs 60 or 70 does not make it a good mask if it does not fit right,
As for glare, if he is an experienced photographer/videographer the colour of the skirt should not make too much difference, hope this helps,

posted : September 15, 2009 Post subject: Best Mask for Photography?

Go for a black skirt and you might consider an anti reflection coating

posted : September 24, 2009 Post subject: Best Mask for Photography?
I agree with the fact that regardless of name, brand, cost and recommendation, if the mask doesn't fit the person, its not worth a penny!

For underwater photography, you need a mask that is comfortable, doesn't leak and fits right. Visually, the frame size will depend on the fit to the face, but you don't need BIG lenses at all.

Side skirt colour is personal choice, makes no difference to the ability to take pictures. and the Lenses can be coated or non coated. again this is personal preference

Dont buy a mask unless one is tried on and does fit.

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