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Scuba Dooba
posted : May 21, 2009 Post subject: Strobes
Hi folks
I’m after a bit of advise on how to activate a strobe from an under water camera
My plan is to buy a Canon G10 + u/w housing. My experience is the built in flash is pretty useless except in macro mode.
The solution to get a strobe? The cheap canon housing does not have a port to connect a strobe. I assume the idea is to use a strobe activated by the cameras own flash. The camera can not know an extra strode will flash when it takes the picture thus I imagine most photos are over exposed.
Ok there are always ways of getting round the problem but how often will I miss that great shot because I did not get the settings quite right.
Another solution is to pay ££££ and get a fancy housing with a fitting for the strobe. The camera will be able to activate the strobe when it fires. Hopefully it will be able to control the flash power-out up to get a decent exposure setting. Will any strobe work off the camera or will I need to buy a canon dedicated strobe or down load some software so the camera can recognise the type / power of the strobe and adjust it accordingly.
Any advice on getting some decent photo’s
Thanks Nick

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