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posted : May 13, 2009 Post subject: dive centre equipment buying
ok this is going to sound weird but im lost and looking for desperate help.Am planning on starting a dive centre in india in port blair- andaman islands (thats where i am now-fell in love with an indian bloke). Since im a new diver and dont even have my own equipment, i'd appreciate info on ordering,procuring,pricing and the correct equipment for a dive centre on this island?

posted : June 10, 2009 Post subject: dive centre equipment buying
Hi, I'm not really qualified to give you any advice, but probably not many people are.

I suppose the first thing you want to do, assuming you have some spare capital to invest, is go do a few diving holidays with companies similar to what you are thinking of setting up. That way you will get an idea of what skills you need, what equipment you need, prices, etc, as well as building up your experience. Also rent their gear, and take notes on what they are giving you.

As for equipment, you'll probably need a compressor, which I know nothing about, you really need to provide everything kit-wise (regs, BCDs, Computers, Fins, Masks, snorkels, Torches, Wetsuits...everything punters might need), ideally cheap, bomb-proof kit that is cheap to service, and so simple it never goes wrong. You probably need a boat too, some kind of rib perhaps.

As far as training goes you'll need people on site trained in First-aid, you'll want guides and intructors and boat handlers, all of whom know the dive sites and how to get to them. You probably want to be trained in most of these things yourself. You may also want to be qualified to service and repair kit yourself.

Hope some of this helps.

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