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posted : April 22, 2009 Post subject: UK diving: what suits?
Hi, I've done lots of diving in tropical places but plan to do my first UK diving this summer. I know next to nothing about UK conditions. Can anyone tell me:

- What kind of suit am I most likely to need - wetsuit, drysuit?
- Have heard of a 'semi dry' suit - what's that then!?
- Does the answer depend on the month - how much variation in temperature is there in UK waters between May and August
- Is the visibility so bad you need a torch?

Thanks in advance!

posted : April 23, 2009 Post subject: UK diving: what suits?
Hi Smoothfoote
Just give you my input.
I spent a couple of years when i started diving wearing a semi-dry 12 months of the year and alot of the time i was warmer for longer in the water than the lads wearing dry, but i made the change to dry for the extra comfort especialy out of water and in between dives.A semi-dry is normally a 2peice 7mm suit. Temperatures in the UK differ from the south and north...the north(scotland) being colder but during the months of May and Aug you should'nt find it cold anywhere. Visibility differs from dive site to dive site and on the wether but don't expect anything like the tropics. As for the torch it depends on where and what type of diving you are planning...wreck,cave,deep etc., It is alwasys handy to have 1 anyway especially for those 20-40 meter dives. Also people out if ye have'nt already take a trip to Ireland, some amazing dive sites all around Ireland.
Best of luck

posted : April 23, 2009 Post subject: UK diving: what suits?
i always use a drysuit, with good thermals all that stops you is your air supply! never used semi-dry suits, so cant comment. viz all depends on where you go, time of year etc, so always carry a torch. and just remember, when diving in cold water, always plan your dive 4 metres deeper than you actually intend to dive too. cold water diving CAN contribute to getting "narked" and poss DCI.

posted : April 24, 2009 Post subject: UK diving: what suits?
Thanks for the responses. Sounds like if I get into UK diving then I'll probably buy a drysuit but for now I'm going to rent a semi dry suit and do a few dives in the summer with some dive outfits that offer 'introduction to UK diving' guided dives.
Then I'll figure out what I really need and start butchering the bank balance.
Thanks again.

posted : July 30, 2009 Post subject: UK diving: what suits?
I dont ever use a drysuit at all for the UK.
But then most of my dives are between march and october.
If you start diving up north, the sea is COLD and a dry suit is definently a good choice.
I use a one piece BEUCHAT 7mm semi-dry with FIRESKIN internals and im toasty in the water. I echo whats said above, ive been warmer than some of the drysuit divers on the same dive!! also if its a good quality semidry, theres no issues out of the water. I can stand around in mine, and dont get cold at all.

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