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posted : April 9, 2009 Post subject: Membrane insulation
I have just bought a membrane suit and need some insulation help.
I will be doing regular dives in and around Plymouth Sound throughout the year. I don't feel the cold and think that a 200 would be suitable. Being a student is there a DIY way round the 50 min. spend for proper insulation?

Thanks, Tom

posted : April 14, 2009 Post subject: Membrane insulation
I use 200 throughout the winter, and just chuck a pair of skiing underwear under that if it's getting a little too chilly from December to March. that is sufficient.

You could just wear warm clothes. I'd just stick to a wetsuit until you have the money to buy the undersuit.

Some observations on wearing clothes under a drysuit:

If you wear inappropriate tops (particularly bulky items), they may block your dump valve. This may mean you have to dump gas elsewhere, such as wrist and neck seals, leading to a very wet ascent. There is potential here for an uncontrolled ascent.

If you change what you wear each time, different clothes will hold different amounts of air and cause your bouyancy to change, and could also cause areas of your body to be more bouyant than others.

posted : May 19, 2009 Post subject: Membrane insulation
forth element xerotherm arctic is the best gear i dive everyday on the west coast of scotland and nice and cosy, well most days jan was bloody cold

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