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posted : February 19, 2009 Post subject: Mares SPG
Hi everyone,

Quick question, hopefully someone can help me? I have mares abyss regs with the mares misson 2d spg. I noticed last year that pressure gauge was misting up, it still worked so ignored it. Did the first dive of the year today (brrr) and after connecting the regs to the tank the pressure gauge did`nt read and there was small amount of water in the gauge. Oviously I don`t want to have to purchase a new spg and it is only a year old so will talk to the dive store I purchased it from, but if you guys have any ideas for a self fix I would be intrested to hear. The connection does feel lose beneath the plastic surrounding the guage so may see if I can pop the gauge out.

Any ideas guys? Thanks


posted : February 20, 2009 Post subject: Mares SPG
sound like the gauge has flooded. if it ain't reading when connected to a full cylinder then it's knackered. buy a new one. your LDS may be able to replace it FOC as it may be a manufacturing defect.....i've never had an SPG physically fail.
the head of the SPG will feel slightly loose when not pressurised as there is a small double o-ring'd connection piece between the gauge and the hose end which 'floats' at ambient.

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