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posted : December 14, 2008 Post subject: CRIPPLING ARTHRITIS!!
Dear forum users, can any commercial divers please shed light on the horror stories about bad bad arthritis and bone problems that can occur from commercial diving, especially SAT diving. I have heard from a few guys that commercial diving can be very bad for personal health!! many many thanks.

posted : December 18, 2008 Post subject: CRIPPLING ARTHRITIS!!
Its a load of rubbish, there is no proof of it and with the improved deco tables it is even less of a concern, besides I dont want to be running marathons when I am 70 any way. The abuse most Divers bodies suffer from is the heavy drinking sessions when returning from offshore!!

posted : December 19, 2008 Post subject: CRIPPLING ARTHRITIS!!
cheers for the reply mate, much appreciated. i read frfom one of your posts in 2007 that you had been working for a year and employment was going well for you, can you let me know how your doing at the moment with work/jobs, are you still getting plenty of hours out there mate?? thanks very much seadweller.

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