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john haskell
posted : November 26, 2008 Post subject: 300 bar DIN - 232bar adap'
help please, just bought a pony cylinder and went for 300 bar steel. Thought it was as simple as buying convertor for my 232 bar reg. Would mark the cylinder 232bar in humungous indelible pen as not to overload reg, adapter would stay in permanent and for filling anyway.The reason was that I wanted it to be future proof in event of upgrading all my gear to 300 bar later on. gutted I now know its not that simple.... I need the 300bar DIN to 232 international A clamp. anybody know where I can buy one? merry crimbo to ya all

posted : November 27, 2008 Post subject: 300 bar DIN - 232bar adap'
john, what have regs you got? most poseidons are 300 bar DIN. iirc the apeks 1st stages are 300 bar rated but need the A clamp thingy replacing with a DIN setup. personally, i moved from A clamp over 10 years ago mainly because there's only 1 o-ring involved rather than 2, and the o-ring that is used is the one in your reg (helps when using tanks on hols with less than ideal cylinder o-rings)

the 300 bar DIN is deeper than 232 bar DIN (7 turns of thread vs 5 turns) so you'd need a DIN plug with 7 turns of thread. not sure these exist, simply to stop people connecting 232 bar regs (and gauges) to a 300 bar source.

so, see if your pony reg set is 300 bar compatible and convert it from A clamp to DIN - about 25. failing that, get a new 1st stage / reg set. personally, i wouldn't go the find-a-plug-to-fit route.

john haskell
posted : November 27, 2008 Post subject: 300 bar DIN - 232bar adap'
Hi mate, not ideal I know was saving for twin 12's and regs, so was only going to be stop gap till then. Reg is us divers and quite old. 300 bar 1st stage woul be a lot of money to spend for a short term prob, espesh' as twins are gonna be 232bar. mates just bought a chopper off me so gonna have a grand to play with so might be ok. never used to need this much kit years ago. ablj, tank and reg.. might just dig that out, would turn a few heads, he he. . Thats the prob with being outta the club scene for a while I've been left behind a bit. catching up now tho, all the best mate

posted : November 30, 2008 Post subject: 300 bar DIN - 232bar adap'
300 bar 1st stages aren't that expensive. all my cyklons are off ebay and never paid more than 150 for one. dead easy to tune and maintain with the usual caveats for 2nd hand gear. by far the best performing regs i've ever used...ask me about elphinstone next time up the club...and it'd take a lot to persuade me to get anything different.

just looked on fleabay and there's a cyk going for 100 + 10 p&p. even with a full service added on top, 'tis a good price.

posted : December 2, 2008 Post subject: 300 bar DIN - 232bar adap'
Hi if you look on ebay there a apek tx50 din fitting (300bar) starting price is only 65 its got about 3/4 days to run I use apeks great regs and you can get them serviced at the factory for about 60 per full set inc oct

john haskell
posted : December 3, 2008 Post subject: 300 bar DIN - 232bar adap'
thanks for that, Im going chasing

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