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posted : November 23, 2008 Post subject: Gekko - 2 safety stops?
I went diving recently with my shiny new gekko. It was following a 25m dive, and was pushing the limits of a no-deco dive - I reached 1 minute left of no deco time, but never quite reached the point at which I would need a decompression stop.
On the way up, I did a generous 3 minute safety stop at 5m, then carried on up to the surface. It was extremely wavey, which resulted in my gekko warning me about coming up too quickly, I glanced at it, and it was telling me to do another safety stop. For a few seconds, it showed '4' in the safety stop time, which seemed odd - I thought it would only suggest a 3 minute stop.

Any suggestions what happened there? Was the fast ascent responsible for the gekko telling me to do another stop?

(also, it fairly frequently seems to show the warning triangle, but I can't seem to find specifically what it's warning me about...)


posted : November 28, 2008 Post subject: Gekko - 2 safety stops?
Johnny I have had this model for 3 years and its been fantastic . Suggest you recheck the dive profile recorded on it, and ensure you fully understand all the bars as they can be confused initially. You may find you misjudged it with the time coming up putting it into a deco dive. On a safety note you really should not dive like this unless you are fully prpeared for a deco dive - also what was your buddy's computer saying? Suggest you dive to the tables and a plan - if your Gekko failed you would be introuble. Why risk DCI ?

If in any doubt take it back to the shop or a service location to check it !

Safe Diving


posted : November 28, 2008 Post subject: Gekko - 2 safety stops?
Just rechecked manual. You should find all your queries answered in there under deco dives ( 3.3.5 etc in mine).Wasn't sure what you meant by the traingle - depends where on the computer and assuming you are not confusing with your altitude setting. If it is the warning traingle with exclamation mark this is telling you about an extended surface interval (see 3.5). This is because you are either over your nondeco time or were close to it - rmember your dive training - if you are doing multiple dives it is telling you to take a mandatory surface interval as denoted on your PADI rdp.


posted : February 22, 2009 Post subject: Gekko - 2 safety stops?
Hi Jonny yeah i to have had this model for a number of years now. Getting within a min of a deco dive at 25 meters. You didn't really say if you'd surfaced with a min of time left or not. I agree with your other reply. Most probable answer is that either you've mis judged and ended up doing a deco dive (which on a 25m dive with just over no deco time sounds about right to add another min or 2) or like you've said you've come up too fast gone onto the red bar and been forced to make a celing stop for an added few minutes. Read the manual fully and be carefull. Best advice to using it and diving safely is to adhere to the slow accent bars and cut your dives a bit shorter so's not even going to risk a Deco dive...Why risk DCI is bang on really. Hope this helps you.

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