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john haskell
posted : October 26, 2008 Post subject: ww1 uboat ub66
I think i've found a wwi uboat wreck off cyprus. check out . A cypriot friend told me a story his dad told him when he was young of a sub that had sunk of the coast, this and fishermen telling of snagged nets led me to do some shore based searching after hours and hours of research I came across the above boat, which is listed as missing in the said area. I have dived to 50 meters on air at the site but kept getting narced to hell. The seabed is a steep slope (with obvious signs of scarring and pollution) down to 80 m. I've done Tdi nitrox and now want to progress to recreational mixed gas after I've completed advanced nitrox. (unless there is another route.)
I dont want to give to much away as i would like to be the first to dive it. It went down with all hands (36) so it is obviously a war grave and wouldn't want it plundered. I will try and get back to cyprus next year maybe with a hummingbird side scan sonar. or if i've completed the courses will dive the site. Any tips or advice on anything to do with this would be very apreciated, please feel free to email me, . many thanks

john haskell
posted : November 3, 2008 Post subject: ww1 uboat ub66
thanks for emails, will keep you informed. Spoke to hummingbird rep at show who assured me the hummingbird 797 will find it if its there. Didn't realise the starfish is only rated to 50m.

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