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posted : September 24, 2008 Post subject: Cannon S70 and Strobe
Hi Guys

Firstly let me point out that I am a self confessed novice!

Iíve been using a Cannon S70 for a couple of seasons now and got some pretty good results (well I think so). So much so that I wondered how much better the results would be with an external strobe (Ikelite Substrobe AQ/S) This is triggered by the camera flash, the problem is that the overall quality of the photos hasnít changed or if it has itís got worse.

Iíve got some questions about what may seem basic things, that I think may have some impact.

1/ Should I blank the front of the flash on the housing so that none of the internal flash projects forward, just flashes out the side to trigger the external flash?

2/ I noticed that I can delay or advance the flash timing on the camera should I be looking at advancing the camera flash to compensate for the time delay between the onboard flash firing and the external flash sensing and reacting ?

Your input and advice would be appreciated

Regards Dave

posted : September 26, 2008 Post subject: Cannon S70 and Strobe
hi dave, not familiar with that camera / flash setup, although whenever i use a flash triggered strobe, then i try to black off as much of the internal flash as possible while still letting the slave strobe fire.
flash timing - not sure what this is, but the way i check any new setup is to fire it in a poorly lit room in the house and see if i get a 'proper' exposure. if you're getting dark pictures (same as if the external strobe were switched off) then the timings are out - either preflash isn't registered or whatever. as i say, not familiar with the AQ/S so don't know if there's a dial to set number of pre-flashes etc.
your external strobe should fire at virtually the same time as the camera's flash....if it didn't then it would never sync with anything. i've not seen any slave unit that doesn't fire within a few uS of the master flash.

my personal strobe setup is a few sea&sea ys60's coupled to a pair of matthias heinrichs digital adaptors. they mimic exactly what the cameras own flash does, so i never have to fiddle with any settings on either the strobes or the camera.

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