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jones boy
posted : August 12, 2008 Post subject: bcd cleaning tip
hi i have been told that a good way to clean the inside of a bcd is to dilute some tcp with fresh water and pour it into the bcd and rince out has anyone else heard of this idea if so is it safe for the bcd
many thanks for any replys
jones boy

ADM Diving
posted : September 12, 2008 Post subject: bcd cleaning tip

One company (for example) AP Valves - owner of the Buddy Brand and range of BCDs does a cleaning fluid to do the job you describe...

Bacteria, fungus and other nasties can develop in the BCD bladder and can cause nasty respiratory infections - so doing what you suggest is a good idea once a quarter (depending on frequency of use).

The problem is you need to dilute the mix to dilute dissinfectant levels which are those prescribed for it being OK on wounds etc - if you use TCP or similar undiluted this could damage the bladder considerably... Milton/TCP and the like diluted is a good thing to do (or use the BCD in the pool a fair bit - it will fade/discolour over time - but at least it won't need dissinfecting !!!)

cheers Andrew

posted : September 24, 2008 Post subject: bcd cleaning tip
Hi Jones Boy
The only trouble with TCP is the smell and after taste. For the last few years Iíve cleaned my BCD bladder with pre diluted Milton.

Be careful though as Andrew warned any slip with un-diluted Milton results in a 70's style tie dye effect!

I normally lay my BCD flat on our garden table deflate the bladder (always store part inflated with air) tie a dish cloth around the corrugated inflator hose (to catch any spills) and pour the pre mixed Milton in to the end of the inflator hose, whilst holding the dump valve open. Once Iíve got about 4l into the bladder i leave it for a couple of hours, shaking occasionally. I then drain the BCD, again through the corrugated hose so as to avoid splashing the outside of the BCD. DONT forget to rinse the bladder several times afterwards with fresh water, to ensure there is no residue.

Hope this helps



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