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posted : July 24, 2008 Post subject: periscopes
hi sorry to bother you all but was hoping someone on hear may be able to help.I'm a member of the fire brigade and at the moment with all the floods of last year water rescue etc is a high priority.Amongst our other duties we sometimes get called to rescue people who are obviously not going to recover but as is our job we still make the effort .At a recent incident we had to use a face mask to try to see into 15ft of water ,not ,ideal with 50 or so onlookers shouting etc,to try to recover a basically what we need is a periscope device to allow us to see underwater ,anything has got to be better than nothing.So any ideas received with thanks however it can't be home made must be commercially available.cheers

posted : July 24, 2008 Post subject: periscopes
Some Police forces use a bathescope which is like a big conical plastic tube with glass at one end and a rubbershaped other end that you press your face into. Think they are made in France.
I thought that body recovery was entirely down to the Police.

posted : July 25, 2008 Post subject: periscopes
yeah mainly it is but thats after 3-4 hours when the diving team gets there.if theres the faintest hope then it will be us as the police don't normally like to put themselves in danger.thanks for the heads up on the bathescope sounds like just what we're looking for ,cheers

ADM Diving
posted : July 25, 2008 Post subject: periscopes
Yep the suggestion is spot on the bathescope is the answer. If your procurement guys need help with identifying the suppliers of these I can point them in the right direction (we don't supply these).

thanks Andrew (ADM Diving) see Q&A Forum

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