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posted : July 17, 2008 Post subject: Explorers
Hi all I am booked to do my PADI OW on the 9th of Aug which I am very excited about!

Has anybody used for any trips to Sharm Egypt ? Got a great deal and am a little worried as it is so cheap !

posted : July 18, 2008 Post subject: Explorers
Hi there,
I've been with Explorers many years ago. I am assuming you are staying at the Ocean Club, it was fine you don't need to worry. The only thing is that you are a little way from Sharm however they provide a mini bus to Sharm and it's very cheap to get a taxi anyhow. The diving will take up a lot of the week so it really isn't a great problem. Out of curiousity did you get the deal through their website or somewhere else? My bf is wanting to learn and I was thinking of going out there again so looking for a cheap deal?


posted : July 20, 2008 Post subject: Explorers
Hi Clare

Yes I have chosen the ocean club as it seemed that most of the divers stay there and seemed friendly.

I booked direct with them and got a great price 1 week b&b flights and transfers INC the PADI all for the grand old price of 535 its called a learn to dive special. They have shortened the PADI course to 4 days however if it takes you 5 then that is not a problem.

I will let you know how it goes !

posted : July 22, 2008 Post subject: Explorers
You may find you need to add certification fees as well as money for a log book and manual.

posted : July 22, 2008 Post subject: Explorers
PADI manual 21.50
PADI certificate 35.00 euro
PADI log book 16.00 euro

optional 10 day dive insurance 31.00

VISA entry to Sharm 10.00

posted : July 23, 2008 Post subject: Explorers
So only about 100 extra. Still quite good value for money.

posted : July 29, 2008 Post subject: Explorers
I went with Explorers last year to Sharm and it was a great holiday. Stayed at the Ocean Club on recommendation from Leybourne Lake Dive Centre and had no problems at all.
Egypt is cheap anyway but I think Explorers have VERY close links with the hotels they promote hence the prices.
I would 100% go with them again.
Distance from Ocean Club to Sharm itself is about 10 minutes drive in there minibus. Its all very well organised and run.
Good Luck with it! :)

posted : September 1, 2008 Post subject: Explorers
Well I can now report on my experience first hand !

Loved loved loved the diving............yes its alot to squeeze in, in 4 days and yes you get knackered and are in bed by 10pm lol BUT its all worth it, I would advise a 10 day trip over a week tho so that you get a rest and can do some more diving after you have qualified.

They had 3 whale sharks the week I was there our dive instructor had been there for 5 yrs and never seen one let alone 3 at once !

The Ocean club hotel is very basic but clean I never normally stay anywhere under a 4 star however even I did not moan.......too tired lol

The training was busy but fun and friendly and Clare is lovely.

Am seriously considering going back to do my advanced course as even for a lone woman I felt safe.

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