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posted : July 3, 2008 Post subject: Old / new buddy autoair
I bought a second hand buddy explorer TD. The jacket is in fab condition, but the autoair is totally dead. I took it to a techy, but he says it will cost a lot to fix...more than a new one is online.

Will a new style autoair fit onto where an old style autoair used to be?



posted : July 4, 2008 Post subject: Old / new buddy autoair
possibly, but to be honest, just dump the autoair, fit a regular dump/inflate button and get a decent backup reg. the autoair i had years ago wasn't exactly high in the breathing performance stakes and was restrictive due to the length of the hoses etc so couldn't be handed off to another diver.
in a true failure situation, you need a backup reg that inspires confidence, is simple to use and accessible. my autoair ticked only one of those boxes so i got a decent octo instead.

posted : July 4, 2008 Post subject: Old / new buddy autoair
I've managed to get it fixed now...I don't use the autoair as an octo, as I have another on my regs. The jacket was second hand.

Thanks for your help

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