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posted : July 2, 2008 Post subject: Setting up a first stage
Hi, I have been diving for a couple of years now and have always rented my gear but have just decided to take the plunge and have bought myself a BCD and regulator set. It arrived yesterday and all of the hoses are seperate from the first stage. As I have always rented before hand I have never had to set up a first stage before I am not sure whether I need to do anything specific when attaching the hoses. For example should I be using silicone on the threads to act as an extra seal or is it simply a case of tightening it up and the o ring is enough? Also is there anything specific I need to take into account if I am going to use the regs and BCD with nitrox? I have had a look around the forums but have not been able to find any of this info out (maybe just not been looking in the right place). Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

posted : July 2, 2008 Post subject: Setting up a first stage
shouldn't be a need to apply silicone and if they're o2 clean, then applying silicone will do you no favours. just make sure the contents gauge goes to the HP port ;-)
when attaching the hoses, try to think of the hose routing and add the hoses accordingly. consider the 90 deg elbows as they can help in this respect, although the 1st stage doesn't have to be mounted vertically....they work at any angle (bit advanced, but the photo here - shows what i mean)

nitrox - keep any hydrocarbons (oil, grease, silicone grease) etc away from them. in reality it doesn't make a great deal of difference with lower % oxygen. (<50%)


posted : July 2, 2008 Post subject: Setting up a first stage
Cheers for the advice fella. Think I am going to get my local dive centre to help me set them up at the weekend just to make sure I don't completely mess it up.

posted : July 3, 2008 Post subject: Setting up a first stage
it's not difficult. the HP port(s) should be marked with those letters. the rest will be low pressure ports and should accept all of the LP hoses (i'm assuming you've not got an old stlye poseidon or apeks setup) the old poseidons were lacking on ports and used a different system to just about everything else. the old apeks used a larger, 1/2", port for the primary reg. the newer ones use the industry standard 3/8".
the HP port should be a different size - 7/16" iirc - which means you can't get the wrong hoses plugged into the wrong ports.

remove the plug in the port and put in a safe place. make sure there's no crap on the hose thread / o-ring or in the port on the 1st stage. screw the hose in until they're finger tight then use a spanner to tighten it fully - about another 1/4 turn, if that. repeat for each hose.

it ain't difficult and worth doing yourself as you never know when you'll need to replace a hose.

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