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posted : May 18, 2008 Post subject: what equipment to buy?
I would normally want to rent equipment wherever I travel to but I've heard there should be some things you own yourself like goggles, booties.
Anything else?
Is it worth buying a wet suit or just a body suit and rent the wet suit in diving resorts?

posted : May 19, 2008 Post subject: what equipment to buy?
all personal preference really. i'd be more inclined to buy a suit rather than rent. at least then you know who's been p*ssing in it. i'd suggest that full snorkel kit is worth owning - goggles, flippers, pipe, boots, suit - as you can use that lot anywhere.

for diving, i prefer to use all my own gear. i know how it's rigged, i know where stuff is, i know how it's been abused, i know what problems it has (and how they've been fixed), i know if it's been serviced, i know how the regs breathe etc etc.

posted : May 19, 2008 Post subject: what equipment to buy?
But you can't a lot of the kit in suitcases when travelling like regs, etc.?
Wet suits are fine I imagine.
What thickness wet suit would I need for warmer waters...3mm? And then maybe a skin suit underneath that?

posted : May 19, 2008 Post subject: what equipment to buy?
a good dive bag gets loads of kit in it! the problem is the weight. last holiday to egypt. my bag was the lightest ever....only 26kg. 2 sets of poseidons, twinning bands, cd wing & plate etc etc. left the heavier torches out.

wetsuit thickness - again, very subjective. where i wear shorts & t-shirt, others have been in semi drysuits. thickest wetsuit i've got is a 5mm shorty. gets used from about 22c to 28c, but how cold you feel on a dive depends on how good the dive is. boring drift in 23c is considerably colder than 22c on the rosalie moller.

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