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posted : May 6, 2008 Post subject: dive computer
Hi, I'm sorry to bother you, but in July my boyfriend and I will be doing a conservation project on Mafia Island. While there we will get our Padi open water certificate. Being complete beginners, we are having a bit of trouble with the kit list as we don't really know anything about...well, any of it really :) We have been advised to get a d-timer and a compass. Would it however just be better to get a dive computer? If so would you be able to advise one that was good value and good for us beginners. We would be looking to use them again in the future, so we wouldn't want them to be good quality to last us for a while. I already said, we're a bit clueless in general and so far have only bought wetsuits. We have been looking at so much kit and really, just getting a bit lost with it all. What would suggest on the masks,fins and boots front? What exactly am I looking for?
Sorry for a million questions in one :)
Many thanks!

posted : May 19, 2008 Post subject: dive computer
compass - unless you get something like the suunto d6 / d9 which has a built in compass, go for a simple arm mounted one (suunto sk5 / sk6) - about 15-25. there are mini compasses available, however you need to get something you can read and use.

computer - as a start out, i'd suggest getting something that does nitrox. it's unlikely you'll need an all singing all dancing job, so better to get a cheap entry level that can be sold on later if required where you won't lose shed loads of folding.
the suunto gekko is dirt cheap at the moment, as is the mares puck. both around the 130 mark.
please note, i don't own or use either of these so can't offer any further opinion.

mask - something that fits! nothing worse than having a mask that constantly leaks or puts pressure on the base of the nose etc

flippers - i swear by force fins. not the cheapest by a long shot, but having now got a few pairs (the sizing is very exact, so i have a XXL pair for the drysuit and an XL pair for the wet boots - euro size 44 feet) i have no intention of swapping back to anything else. have a search on ebay as they come up occasionally.
prior to the force fins, i used various split fins and a pair of cressi super frogs.

boots - again, something that fits. they don't last forever so it's not that critical. zipped boots are preferable over ones you simply slip on. i pretty much go for the cheapest available ;-)

hope that helps.

posted : May 19, 2008 Post subject: dive computer
Where are you based? Someone on the forum may be able to suggest a local dive shop that will help you.

posted : May 24, 2008 Post subject: dive computer
thank you devil gas for your help!
rod, i'm based in south wales. thanks!

posted : May 25, 2008 Post subject: dive computer
What order to buy equipment in is a common queston for beginning divers. A local dive centre is always a good place to get advice. I started with a mask, snorkel, boots and fins and hired a BCD and regs. I then bought a suunto gekko dive computer, which is excellent. The gekko is cheap and does both air and Nitrox and I have it set to conservative for a bit of extra safety.
I usually buy my stuff from Simply Scuba (no, I certainily don't work for them). They have excellent service and the prices are almost impossible to beat.
Good luck on your project.

posted : May 26, 2008 Post subject: dive computer
Try Celtic diving who are based in South Wales. Speak to Anna and I am sure she will point you in the right direction.

posted : May 26, 2008 Post subject: dive computer
depending where in south wales, days in swansea (townhill) is always worth a visit. usually a good selection of 2nd hand kit going as well.
map & tel no here -

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