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posted : April 18, 2008 Post subject: Dry suit
Hi I've just bought a Northern Diver dry suit from a well known internet market site and I want to ask a question about the size of it. How tight should the suit be? I've never worn one before so I can only compare it to a wet suit. The chest, waist, arms and boots are all comfortable it's just the lower leg part that is a bit tight, around the calfs. I can get it off and on but the legs feel a bit tight. Any advice would be great.

posted : April 22, 2008 Post subject: Dry suit
what's your definition of tight? i had a similar issue with my old nato suit but it wasn't that restrictive that it would become a hindrance. a drysuit should be a good fit - not too loose that there's loads of gas migration and not too tight that it restricts gas or physical movement .
if the legs are sufficiently tight that gas migration is prevented then you may get light feet problems which could lead to an inversion.

membrane or neo?

posted : April 24, 2008 Post subject: Dry suit
All that I can compare it to is a wetsuit as I've never used a dry suit, so I'm not sure how snug it should be. It is a 7mm neo. There are no movement restrictions, when it's on it feels the way I think it should? It's just that when I try to remove it, it is pretty hard to get off until I get past my calfs, not the biggerst calfs in the world! Would the neoprene expand slightly when wet?

posted : April 25, 2008 Post subject: Dry suit
nope, neo doesn't expand on getting's rubber, and that ain't hygroscopic.
is it only difficult to remove after a dive? if so then you're getting suction in the foot pocket as the water pressure increases. if this isn't relieved, it's harder to remove your foot afterwards.
i used to inflate the drybag just before removing it to get rid of this. alternatively, wear something like a pair of tights or if you're too self conscious to use tights, get some lycra leggings. that should make the legs slide easier against the inside of the suit.

first drybag was 7mm neo, everything since that has been membrane. loads less aggro!

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