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posted : April 11, 2008 Post subject: Cylinder: A-clamp to DIN
I have a cylinder with an A-clamp. It has a removable fitting. I have just tried t remove it and it won't budge! Any ideas? Also, should I remove the o-ring first? Thanks!

posted : April 16, 2008 Post subject: Cylinder: A-clamp to DIN
bit more force needed!

make sure you're using the correct allen key, then either use a ring spanner on it for extra leverage or some other object you have lying around that will extend the length of the allen key.
with a spanner / wrench attached to the allen key, close to where it goes into the insert, you can gently tap the spanner / wrench with a hammer to break the hold. once it's been loosened it's simple to remove.

if the thread is corroded, use a small wire brush to clean the thread and make sure there are no wire filaments left after doing this - they'll spoil your day if they sit on the o-ring.

**don't** spray release oil onto it (WD40 etc)

o-ring will make no difference as there's a captured 2nd one on the hidden face of the insert and the insert is not under pressure anyway (unless in use of course!).

posted : April 18, 2008 Post subject: Cylinder: A-clamp to DIN
Try pouring boiling hot water over pillar valve then use allen key as quick as possible.

posted : April 22, 2008 Post subject: Cylinder: A-clamp to DIN
just to are trying to remove the DIN plug insert from the pillar valve and not the pillar valve itself?

posted : April 24, 2008 Post subject: Cylinder: A-clamp to DIN
Hi develgas has given you good advise, re the thread if there is any corrosion put a little white vinigar in brush round leave for a few mins brush again then rinse well with water blow out exwater by opening the valve for afew secs then alow to dry (don't stand in front of vale when blowing out water)

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