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jak webster
posted : April 10, 2008 Post subject: need a camera for diving help plz!
is the f50 better than the f30? some one be able to give me advice on a good camera for underwater

thanks, jak

posted : April 11, 2008 Post subject: need a camera for diving help plz!
well, it depends if you can get hold of an f30. they're a little scarce on't ground.

however, the f50 has more pixels crammed into a smaller sensor. my knowledge of this tells me that the f50 will therefore have more noise in the images due to bleed between pixel sites.

having not used an f50, i cannot confirm or deny whether noise is an issue but it is something you would need to do a web search on.

i've used an f30 for the last year or so and am well pleased with the results, speed of use, functionality etc. it is a little limited in the manual setting department but then it's not meant to be anything more than a general p&s.

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