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posted : February 11, 2008 Post subject: Underwater camera extras
Hey guys,

I have a sony cyber shot DSC-W70 and i'm gana be going on a two week diving trip to the red sea for my major project in my thrid year at uni.

Just some simple questions, i've found what i belive to be a good case for it at

Do you need a proper underwater flash for decent pictures or can you use the one already on the camera. Also would buying a red fliter improve the quality dramtically? especially for the cost?

Basically could i get away with just the case and still get good quality pics.

Cheers, and any other tips about under water photos would be amazing.

Ocean Visions
posted : February 16, 2008 Post subject: Underwater camera extras
Hi Yogii,
Congratulations on your new purchase and hope that this information will help you. The good news is that the built-in flash on your camera will work extremely well when you are within one foot of your subject and using the Macro Mode (flower) button on the back of your camera. Using the flash to take a photo of a subject further away will cause the lighting up of particles in the water (backscatter). A red filter is good for reef scenes, or any scene which is larger than a close-up subject taken in macro mode. The red filter will compensate for the loss of colours underwater from a depth of about 5 metres up to about 18 metres and is best used when there is lots of ambient light. Set your film speed to an ISO of 200 to ensure sharp shots underwater during the day, for night dives an ISO of 400 or deep dives, and these will give you some great starter tips to the wonderful world of underwater photography. Hope this helps and have a great time in the Red Sea. Maria :)

posted : February 22, 2008 Post subject: Underwater camera extras
Cheers thats pretty much all my questions answered,

Hope i can remember everything you've suggested, if money was no object then i'd get a filter.

Truth is i don't really need it for my project i just want to have a record of what i hope will be an amazing trip.

thanks again

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