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posted : February 2, 2008 Post subject: Poseidon CYKLON 1st stage
I have just bought a (fully serviced) second hand Poseidon rig. The 1st stage has various ports with letters by them. The HP and LP are obvious but the octo is plugged into a port marked 'R' which I assume is for reserve and there is a spare port marked 'U'. Any idea what this is, I need one for my dry suit hose.
Thanks folks


ADM Diving
posted : February 3, 2008 Post subject: Poseidon CYKLON 1st stage
Hi Simon,

just had a good look through the Poseidon Service Manuals and can't find the U in it or on any of my 20 or so reg set I use for teaching etc...

R is not for reserve (well you can use it for that) it is intended to be the main reg port as it has the maximum gasflow out of all of the LP ports. It should be the same thread though (UNF 3/8").

All the HP ports are a larger thread and they are UNF 7/16".

Can you post what make/model the first sage is and I'll find out what the U stands for - i'm intreged !!

cheers and regards, Andrew

posted : February 3, 2008 Post subject: Poseidon CYKLON 1st stage
Hi Andrew
Many thanks for your interest. Its the 2350 (cant see a name). Its dawned on me that I will have to swap this over with my pony as there arnt enough ports in it for my dry suit and inflator aswell as gauge, reg & octo. Fortunatly the one on the pony has loads of ports.
Thanks again


posted : February 3, 2008 Post subject: Poseidon CYKLON 1st stage
Sorry I didnt mentin it is a Poseidon 1st stage

ADM Diving
posted : February 4, 2008 Post subject: Poseidon CYKLON 1st stage
Ah i'll dig out my archived copy of the service manual and take a peek later today.

Poseidon's are really really good regs - a good choice simon

cheers Andrew

posted : February 5, 2008 Post subject: Poseidon CYKLON 1st stage
sounds like one of the older 1st stages that have o-ring less hoses, the end of the hose biting into a nylon seat within the 1st stage body. got a few hanging around that are used on stage bottles, all of which have adaptors to allow a regular hose to connect to the 1st stage. the U is just another low pressure port. there are not enough ports on the 1st stage to allow reg, octo, drysuit feed and bcd inflator.
your options are:-
get another of these 1st stages and use them on twins.
get a Y adaptor for the drysuit and BCD feed hoses (these are the 2 not-in-demand-at-the-same-time feeds, but is NOT recommended)
get the 3960 1st stage which has an extra lp port and also allows much neater hose routing. this 1st stage also takes regular o-ringed hoses.

posted : February 9, 2008 Post subject: Poseidon CYKLON 1st stage
Thanks foks, appreciate the guidance. I emailed the previous owner, here is his eply:

he R is actually for the primary regulator, and the U is for Unisuit and is the one for your drysuit. You will probably need an adaptor to fit your drysuit inflator hose into the first stage. If your local dive shop can not provide one at reasonable cost then I can send you one.

Because of the way I use my regs, the AS/octo was my primary and hence on the R outlet.

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