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posted : February 1, 2008 Post subject: f30/f50/raw
hi everyone

im new to the forum, its good to be here

im almost certain im gonna get a fuji f30 and housing next week some time

im just worried that the f50 might be a better camera, is it??

there is also the e900 that has raw but as far as i know neither the f30 or the f50 have raw so would it be best to go for e900 instead

does raw make a big differance to the final image, or is it just a way that the camera stores the image so when i put the image on my computer i have more scope to mess around with it, or am i completly wrong about raw haha


posted : February 5, 2008 Post subject: f30/f50/raw
i'd still go for the f30. the f50 has double the number of pixies, but they're crammed into a sensor slightly smaller than that of the f30. this makes noise a probable issue. i haven't done back to back tests (ain't got a 50!). fuji have put the features they stripped from the f30 to produce the f40, back into the f50, so it's capabilities are similar to the f30.

RAW isn't so much of an issue unless you need the capabilities of a high dynamic range. with adobe lightroom, you can enjoy all the usual quoted benefits of RAW (exposure control, colour balance etc) with JPG images.
again, not used the e900, but you'll need to compare the shooting features of that with the fujis and also read user reviews. the fuji is a very capable camera and will produce some quite stunning close up pics.

search these forums for some previous posts of mine that have links to some photos on my site.

posted : February 9, 2008 Post subject: f30/f50/raw
thanks mate

i got the f 30 after all, im not sure on the ikelite housing or the fuji housing now haha, it never stops does it, when i have the housing im gonna be worring about which strobes to get haha

posted : February 11, 2008 Post subject: f30/f50/raw
no worries.

housing - not seen or used the ike, but the fuji will happily do a 40m dive, is double o-ring sealed, has access to all controls and provides a flash extender for macro work.
strobes - iirc, fuji do one, however i use sea & sea ys60's (and a modified ys50) coupled to the camera through digital adaptors by matthias heinrichs -
alternatively, the newer sea & sea strobes have digital slave adaptors built in. there are other strobe options by inon etc, but as with the ike housing, i've neither used nor seen these so can't comment.
why sea & sea? i managed to pick a few up off ebay for bladders, which after getting the digital adaptors, allowed me to have an optically coupled strobe solution for less than 100 per unit ;-)

Ocean Visions
posted : February 16, 2008 Post subject: f30/f50/raw
Hi there,
Another nice choice for a strobe is the Inon D2000. It may be a little bit more expensive, but the nice thing is that it is TTL which means that it will correctly emit the amount of light necessary to illuminate your subject without being over or underexposed. It works extremely well with the Fuji F30, as well as all compacts underwater. I have some shots on my website if you fancy a peek. Best of luck and happy snapping. Maria :)

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