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posted : January 13, 2008 Post subject: torch use experience
Hi friends,

I'm a new diver. Could you like to share your experience of using the diving torches? Would you like to use HID or a common one? Or what kind of flashlights you think is better for diving. HID is too expensive though it's bright. Is 200 lumens flashlight with 1.5 hours burn time enough for diving? It's a hand held torch. What kind of torches you are using?

I have a lot to learn from you! Any of your help will be highly appreciated!



posted : January 28, 2008 Post subject: torch use experience
Personally I prefer umbillical type torches as the heads are much smaller to have strapped infront of you than a full size handheld unit. I use a Greenforce umbillical based on an FII battery pack with the TriStar Pro head. It's not as powerful as a HID however, the light is cleaner and it lasts a lot longer.

Hope that helps.

Oh and never rely on one torch I always carry a cheap LED backup lamp.

posted : February 1, 2008 Post subject: torch use experience

I wish to add to this one, i am the same i am newish diver with just one trip to egypt and just about to go to egpyt again on 25.02.08 to do my advance diving and then out for a week on a live aboard. i have just been to a diver show in Dusseldorf and could not believe how expensive touches / the amount of different ones there. I came away with none as i did not know what to buy just ended up confused. I want to buy a good reasonably price touch to cover night dives / wrecks not too worry about the cost but not 700 - 1500 euros as they were at the dive show. But been from yorkshire tight unless i know its the right thing to buy. Sorted with all the rest of my dive gear but so stuck on this one.

Help for all us newish divers!!!!!


posted : April 30, 2008 Post subject: torch use experience

I am a fairly intermediate diver (just got BSAC sports diver) but Ive not had much experience with torches before. I just bought a Ikelite PCa for about 30 or less. I think its fantastic for my purposes (25m wrecks, simple night dives etc). It is really small but has a 7.2V halogen bulb which really packs a punch. Several members of my club have umbilical torches and although this doesn't quite match up to that standard it still holds its own given the price.

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