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posted : January 7, 2008 Post subject: mix and match regs
whats peoples advice on mixing and matching reg setups?

I've got a nice shiney new scubapro mk17 1st stage, which game with a g650 2nd stage. However, i'm wanting sometime later this year to buy a nice cold water 2nd stage. Does this sound perfectly do-able to people? i know octopus's and contents gauges are all mix and match to preference.

With that in mind what would you say to using the hose of a glacier reg (with the small radiator 1/2 way down the hose) on this mk17 with a different reg to the glacier? say an abyss?

posted : January 13, 2008 Post subject: mix and match regs
Hi there.
In my experience its not usually a prob to use a different 2nd stage of the same manufacturer as the interstage pressures are normally quit similar. With other manufacturers this varies and you'd need to set up the regs so as not to effect performance. Why not go for a scubaproS555 or similar?

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