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posted : December 30, 2007 Post subject: Strobe Advice
Hello, we have been using a Fuji F30 and have been pleased with the results so far but now feel that additional lighting would help us. We have looked at Fujis own offering as well as products from various other manufacturers.
Can anyone suggest what might be the best match for the Fuji F30. Should we stick with the Fuji strobe or perhaps consider other options? We are not about to change the camera at this time.

posted : December 31, 2007 Post subject: Strobe Advice
i use sea & sea ys60's (and a modified ys50 ttl/s) coupled to digital adaptors. great combo as they can be used with virtually any other compact camera setup as they are triggered by the cameras onboard flash.

some ys50/s can be modified to allow them to produce the double flash required by most cameras. info can be found on my site at:

i think the sea & sea 120 duo can be optically coupled without the need for a digital adaptor, but you'd need to check on this.

posted : December 31, 2007 Post subject: Strobe Advice
ignore that about the 120. it's the sea & sea ys27dx that has optical coupling built into the flash unit, as does the ys250pro

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