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posted : December 25, 2007 Post subject: Mares m1 RGBM problem
Hi, just got a pre-owned dive computer and I can't seem to get the thing to work. The wife bought it off ebay and got one of the guys she works with to check that it worked, he has the same model. It switches on fine and thats that! I cannot access any other screens apart from the start up screen, dive screen and set up screen. When I access the set up screen I can go no further. I've read the manual again and again and been on the manufacturers web site just same info as manual. Has anyone come across this problem. Oh batteries changed 3 times, you never know.

posted : December 31, 2007 Post subject: Mares m1 RGBM problem
not familiar with this 'puter, but may be worth just leaving the battery out for a day or so. remove the battery whilst the comp is on so that capacitors etc get a chance to discharge immediately.

failing that, contact mares, explain the prob etc. i had an old suunto sme that failed many years ago. suunto replaced it (all done through & by my LDS - days diversified) with a solution as a warranty return.

this next bit is NOT recommended, however it has worked in the past on a tv remote that locked out. i tried the batteries the wrong way around (yes, it could've fried the chip) out of desperation. this was enough to perform some kind of reset and the remote worked properly when the batteries were put back in the right way. not recommended with a dive computer, but if it ain't working and you've tried everything else (including manufacturer return) then there's little actual risk.

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