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posted : November 20, 2007 Post subject: spare air system
Maximum Capacity 3.0 cu ft / 85 liters
Length 13.4" / 34 cm
Diameter 2.25" / 5.71 cm
Maximum Pressure 3000 psi / 200 bar
Weight (full) 2.17 lb. / .985 kg
Surface Breaths* 57
Water Volume 26.62 cu in / .42 liters
*Based on 1.6 liters per breath
does anyone use this little yellow spare air system over the 3ltr Pony bottle, it looks a good product.

posted : November 20, 2007 Post subject: spare air system
anything that gives gas is better than nothing, however the spare air system is only marginally better than nothing. it'll give you a few breaths from depth, which is better than no breaths, but won't allow you to make a controlled ascent from any depth other than a few metres. you certainly won't get any safety stops and definitely won't be able to perform deco stops. it *may* however allow you to reach the surface but you may be in sh*t state by the time you get there.

remember that in a sudden OOG scenario, the breathing rate tends to rocket, so the claimed 57 breaths as the surface would instantly half or quarter. by the time you factor in depth, i'd guess you'd get 2-8 breaths from it.

i was trying to stay clear of mentioning these false hopes on the other thread. it's literally a last gasp device and in no way should it be considered as an alt gas source over a pony, or better, twins.

by way of an example. an unstressed ascent from 40m (rosalie moller, red sea), with 5 mins of mandatory stops and a few mins of non-obligatory deeper stops will usually take me about 30bar of gas on a single 12. that's 360L of gas. or 120bar from a 3L pony, or 5 spare airs. without the stops, the figure would be about 20 bar of gas from the 12 (240L = 80 bar on the 3L pony or 3 spare airs)

so, without any redundant gas supply, it'd be a fast ascent from 40m with a trip to the pot / funeral parlour. with a spare air, it'd be a fast ascent from about 25-30m and a trip to the pot / funeral parlour. with a pony i could ascend in relative comfort and safety. twins, there wouldn't be much of an issue at all.

posted : November 20, 2007 Post subject: spare air system
I thought that would be the case, I will stick with my Pony was just looking to see if anything better but not so big was out there, I guess not!!!

posted : December 7, 2007 Post subject: spare air system
Don't waste your time with spare air or a pony, just get yourself on a proper twin set.

posted : December 11, 2007 Post subject: spare air system
twin sets are expensive and just makes diving just that little bit more to think about, I have thought about doing lots of things but in the end I do not want to complicate my diving any further than what I allready have, diving should be fun and extra task loading on top of what I have now is of no interest to me and would not be fun, I feel completely safe with my single 15ltr and 3ltr Pony so diving is fun. maybe in the future I will change my mind but at the moment I am happy with what I have

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