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posted : November 17, 2007 Post subject: Twinset Regs setup Non-DIR
Dear colleagues,

I recently started diving with twinset with hard backplate and harness and since I am experimenting with configuration. I am struggling a bit with two regulators placement on my chest and hose routing, hence seeking for an advise here.

Internet is full with DIR gear description. I personally prefer my double tanks to be fully isolated from the beginning of the dive. I do have them manifolded, but I keep it always closed. Reason for this, is that I think its easier for me to switch to second regulator in case of emergency and let free flow to empty my other bottle than closing manifold risking if not done quickly both bottles would be empty. I have got 2 x Mares Abyss DIN regs (so both hoses go round my right shoulder), and I equipped mouthpiece of each with a bungee cord so both stay on my chest when not used and should be able to switch between them under water. This however is not too comfortable as when I switch to second regulator, my first one hangs down on its bungee and pulls down bungee of my second regulator, which is in the mounth, because its kind of crossing over when I switch.

I think I am not unique here preferring isolated bottles. Some people may argue that I should have bought Posseidons so they could go round left and right, but it still would not fix the bungee cross over issue. Any ideas how to fix both regs so its easy to change between them are wellcome!


posted : November 19, 2007 Post subject: Twinset Regs setup Non-DIR
personally, i have the hose from the right cyl over the right shoulder, the hose from the left cyl over the left shoulder and both regs connected to the same necklace, so no cross over worries. i use cyklons so no issues with the regs being handed.
reason for shoulder routing is that i don't need to remember / identify which hose goes where as i can get that from which direction the hose from the reg in my mouth goes, thus knowing which cyl to shut down.

-- did type some stuff re shutdowns etc but removed it as it doesn't help with your question --

so, my answer to you is: get 2nd reg that can be routed over left shoulder. attach both regs to same necklace, spaced so as not to interfere with each other. job done. having both regs on 1 necklace with hoses both coming from the right will be more troublesome as the hose from the leftmost reg will foul the rightmost reg.

posted : December 7, 2007 Post subject: Twinset Regs setup Non-DIR
I have one reg coming around my right attached to a bungee necklace and the other coming around my left attached to a clip on a D ring on my Commando.

I use Poseidon Xstreams and found when they were both on the bungee they were getting in each others way and also the reg that came around my left it would foul on the inflation hose of the Commando.

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