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posted : November 13, 2007 Post subject: watch or computer?
I really need help.My brother is diving, for couple years, and I wanted to buy him a watch or computer.I was trying hard to find something nice but the problem is I don't know much abot diving.I like citizen watches, but not sure how good they are.and I see that people are usually happy with their suunto computers, but the new one suunto is expencive for me.can I dare to buy some used(I was looking on e-bay),and what should be important to pay attention to?what is good price in that case?
another thing,my brother has small wrist,so I think he will prefer something not too big.
maybe somebody can help me and hope all this isn't too much bothering.
thanks anyway.

posted : November 23, 2007 Post subject: watch or computer?
if you've ever seen a clive cussler book about his house then i would look into a doxa.
and i would advise going to the forum section. it would probably be a couple gifts all wrapped into 1.

I've worked with a couple of diving computer's and i would say the gekko suunto, realy simple to use and easy to alter to cope with nitrox, and its alot cheaper than a doxa and can tell you alot more things, which does come in handy

hope this helps

posted : December 7, 2007 Post subject: watch or computer?
If he wants something that can be used as a dive computer and as a watch simply to wear all the time, I'd recommend either the older version Mares Nemo, if you can find one, or the Suunto Stinger. Both are very capable dive computers and also look like normal watches (to a certain extent).

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