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posted : November 7, 2007 Post subject: First cheap camera

I am looking for a camera for my dad. He is getting into his land photography and although he doesnt do a huge amount fo diving, other than at holidays, I think he would like a camera to take with him.

Therefore my budget is really low for this, prob between 50-100 and would really appreciate any advice on any cameras within this range.

Thanks very much

posted : November 8, 2007 Post subject: First cheap camera
motormarine 2 film camera from ebay?

unlikely you'll get a digital cam & housing in this price bracket, and if you did, i wouldn't expect a great performer.

don't want to say it, but your budget is most def the limiting factor here.

i've harped on about the fuji f30 and housing before as they are a great combo. you could probs get cam & housing for 200 notes or thereabouts.

posted : November 9, 2007 Post subject: First cheap camera
Hi, thanks for your reply devligas. I know my budget is certainly the limiting factor but as my dad would only have the opportunity to use this once or twice a year it really is only a camera that would give decent photos. I know that didital camera is not an option so it would just be film camera. I can't seem to find many other than the Sealife SL545 Sportdiver II. any opinions on this camera?

posted : November 10, 2007 Post subject: First cheap camera
never used or seen one i'm afraid so couldn't comment on quality, ease of use etc. it's a good idea to test the waters on a cheap camera so that whilst you're learning the pitfalls of o-ring procedures you don't go and ruin an expensive bit of kit.

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