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posted : November 5, 2007 Post subject: Wreck & Rescues Exhibition
Having had more time to take a greater look at the Wreck & Rescue photographic exhibition running at the Pannett Park Museum in Whitby I have been able to get a list of the photographs. Just in case it is of interest to browsers I have chosen to duplicate the list of photographs here.

The photographs are listed I pretty much the same order they are in the exhibition with the exception of the odd one here and there.

The Entrance
Whitby lifeboat attending Ruswarp flooding
A large print of a child dwarfed by one of Whitby’s coxswains
A glass case containing three out of print books related to Whitby lifeboats and shipwrecks

Around The Room
Admiral Von Tromp (x2)
SS Sylvania
SS Ben Corlic
SS Southwork
Unknown Coaster
Russian Dimitry (x3)
Cap Palos (x3)
Brig Star of Hope
SS Sylvania
Wrecked (un – named) Fishing Vessels
Sailing Vessel Xercies
Fred Everard
The Crew of the Fred Everard
SS Southwork
SS Sabac
Onward Venture
SS Sylvania
SS Enterprise
Coaster Arbroath
Duc de Amule
Maybridge of Hull
SS Earl of Percy
Coaster Lucy
Coaster Plausworth
The Crew of the lifeboat – Robert & Mary Ellis
Lifeboat Crew Outside Leeds Town Hall
Runswick Bay Lifeboat Launch Day (x3)
Runswick Bay Ladies Launch & Recovery Team
Runswick Bay Lifeboat Crew & Committee
Runswick Bay Lifeboat & Crewmembers
Runswick Bay Ladies Launch & Recovery Team
Robin Hoods Bay Lifeboat – Hannah & Ephraim Fox
Whitby Lifeboat – John Fielden & Crewmen
Coxswain Joe Tomlinson / 1923 - 1931
Five Whitby Lifeboat Coxswains
Whitby Lifeboat – Robert & Mary Ellis
A “John Gale” Lifeboat
Whitby Lifeboat – Mary Ann Hepworth
Mary Ann Hepworth – On the lifeboat slipway
Whitby Inshore Lifeboat
Whitby Lifeboat – Robert & Ellen Robson
Mary Ann Hepworth – Going To Sea

Front Centre Display
Robin Hoods Bay Lifeboat
Robert & Ellen Robson
William Riley

Glass Case
Gold Medal awarded to Coxswain Thomas Langlands for his role in the loss of the hospital ship Rohilla

Rear Centre Display
Tynemouth Lifeboat – Henry Vernon & Her Crew
Memorial Commemoration Events – HMHS Rohilla (x2)
Wrecked Whitby lifeboat – John Fielden (x2)
HMHS Rohilla & the lifeboat - John Fielden
The Troopship Rohilla (x2)

If I can find the time I may be able to list further details pertaining to each of the photographs.

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