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posted : October 24, 2007 Post subject: Budget Camera
My girlfriend and I are both experienced divers. She loves her photography on land and I am hoping she might get interested in underwater photography. We both tend to wait for our holidays to dive. I have a budget of about 300 - can anyone recommend a good camera for her to start? Thanks

posted : October 24, 2007 Post subject: Budget Camera
fuji f30 and housing are a good combo. see the 'first camera help' topic a bit further down for fuller details

posted : November 4, 2007 Post subject: Budget Camera
We've just started with an Olympus mju700 about 160 in Feb 07 with a PT-032 case $190 in New York May 07. The case was perfect without the camera but leaked with it (durrgh) and went back to Olympus, returned perfect and used in Croatia in September. Great out of the box solution. 2Gb XD card holds 1100 photos at HQ 3072 2304 with Standard compression or 1hr + of video. Check out youtube scuba diving Hvar for a couple of quick videos from vn800rider (me). Might be good to budget for a blue or green water filter. I just got one from Bristol cameras for 12.50. Try this link for some stills cheers

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